30 Years In Pursuit Of Peace – A StoryCorps Interview

A few months ago, Luke gifted me with an opportunity and on a snowy January day in Chicago I got it. He took me to the Story Corp offices to record my story.

Story Corp is an NPR program, non-profit organization, and storytelling movement, providing a safe space for anyone who is willing to tell their story – any story.

Now, I’ve got stories! So I was nervous. Not because of what I might say, but because I had no idea where to start. By the end of the recording session, I had talked about my Dad, growing up in Mexico, identity, A Chance For Peace, Peace Made Public, death, healing, overcoming loneliness – the works! So I was sure the interview was going to be a mess.

So I didn’t listen to it. For a solid 6 months in just sat there on my computer. Until now.

I took some time to listen and found that it was a solid case of doubt creeping in. What results from allllllllll that vulnerability is a story that is raw, revealing, and real. And I hope you enjoy.

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Tyler Batson
Tyler Batson
Peace is the new success.

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