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Our trauma-informed, peace-centered approach offers founders and impact leaders structured mindfulness coaching, business training, and community all in one unique package, because we believe every leader deserves a friend on their journey ahead.

Join over 2.5k people who have been transformed by our peace-centered approach.

Holding the Vision

“Tyler understood my essence. He listened to my fears, concerns, and dreams, holding the vision of my non-profit until I was ready.”

The Best Coaching

“Tyler is a total natural! Working with Tyler has seriously been the best form of counseling or coaching I have ever received.”

Calm Under Pressure

“Asante sana, Tyler! Due to our work together, I was able to mobilize the community and protect our people from the post-election violence.”


Support that goes beyond the boardroom.

Mindfulness Coaching

Part mentor, part coach, part friend, our coaching style meets you where you are and stays with you every step of the way.

Business Acceleration

Business workshops in plain English, so you never have to say "this might be a stupid question" again!

Community Support

Founder friends who know what you're going through add value to your journey, providing support only a friend can give.

All programs are structured in 1-on-1 + cohort learning model, so you are never too far from the exact kind of support you need.


We get what you're going through.

“After almost 15 years in the business of doing good, it’s evident that doing good doesn’t always feel good. But I firmly believe social good leaders deserve better. The Peace Impact is the result of my fierce commitment to help leaders reconnect with the passion and enthusiasm with which they started their journeys.”

Tyler Batson
Director & Head of Community, Peace Impact


we help.

This is what can happen when leaders get support for their personal wellbeing and professional goals in tandem.

Grow Your Company

Scale your startup or organization with peace in mind.

Have more questions? Check our FAQ section.

Grow Your Company

Overcome barriers to success
Learn must-have skills
Heal from past work trauma
Improve productivity & focus
Build a peace-centered company culture
Clarify and test your idea
and more!
Social impact leader mentor how it works-2

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Learn how to overcome the tension between who you are and what you do.

Curious about pricing? Contact us.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Address the root causes of burnout
Do more of the things you love
Learn practical tools to manage anxiety
Set healthy work boundaries
Free yourself from toxic relationships
Develop a peace practice that works for you
and more!
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Make New Friends

At Peace Impact, your founders friends are an extension of the support we offer.

Ready to book your Info Session? Sign up!

Make New Friends

Join a vibrant community of like minds
Expand your professional network
Connect during our Happy Hour events
Get extra homework support
Give and receive valuable feedback
See your company through new eyes
and more!

Feel the transformation.

A small peek at some of the amazing transformations our community members have reported.

Less stress, less anxiety

A feeling of calm confidence

No more Imposter Syndrome

Work-life balance

More clarity and focus


Frequently Asked

Is there a free trial?

Not at this time. So far there hasn't been enough demand for a free trial. As soon as the community speaks, we will act!

When can I enroll?

Anytime! We know your time is a hot commodity. That's why we accept new students on a rolling basis. Book an info session and apply whenever you're ready.

How long will it take?

Premium learning plans vary in length anywhere from 8 weeks to 16 weeks. How long it takes is really up to you. Our best students commit 5-10 hours a week to their programs and complete on schedule.

How do I pay for my plan?

Pay-As-You-Go members pay at the end of each session. Premium and Monthly members are charged on a monthly basis. Additional services can be added on if you choose to enjoy benefits outside your plan. Venmo, Zelle, and credit card payment is available to all members.

Can I change plans?

Yes! Monthly and Premium subscriptions are available as long as you need them, and changing plans is encouraged as you grow. We work with our member so they can stay connected to the community they love.

Can I cancel my subscription/appointment?

Of course! Our program is built to meet you where you are. Subscriptions can be cancelled or temporarily suspended at any time. Appointment can be cancelled as well, however, appointment cancellations not received within 24 hours of the appointment time will be issued a late cancellation fee.


Take the
next step.

Our system works for businesses, organizations, and individuals of all backgrounds. But first let’s step up an Info Session to see if we’re a good match.

Social Impact mentor consultation with Tyler Batson of Peace Impact

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